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Fully Automated Biochemistry Analyzer XC8002



1. Efficient performance

Constant speed 800 tests/hour (optional ISE)

•High-precision ceramic dosing pump, sample 0.1μl stepping, reagent 0.5μl stepping

Imported grating, 14 wavelengths, covering 340~850nm

2. Economical

•Solid direct heat incubation system, permanent maintenance-free

•Minimum 1μl sample addition, minimum 70μl reaction stacking

•Permanent quartz glass cuvettes, maintenance free

•Only alkaline cleaning solution is needed for daily use, reducing the use-cost

3.Intelligent service

•Automatic report review

•The remote data center with remote data collection, analysis and early warning, and provides accurate instrument warning and maintenance services

•Terminal applet, instrument status control at any time, one-click warranty

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